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HeatBlocker Screens vs. Indoor Skylight Blinds

Skylights are a great way to provide natural light for your home. Unfortunately, during the warmer periods of the year, you also get unwanted heat and glare.

Why choose HeatBlocker Skylight Screens over Indoor Skylight Blinds?

  • HeatBlocker skylight screens are installed on the outside of your skylight which allows heat to be stopped before it enters your living space. Interior skylight shades allow heat to enter the home.
  • HeatBlocker skylight screens are relatively inexpensive compared to pricey indoor skylight blinds. The cost of our skylight screen can be recovered in A/C savings within a single season.
  • HeatBlocker skylight screens allow outward visibility – clouds and birds during the day and the stars and moon at night are visible. This is not possible with fully extended interior skylight shades.
  • Motorized interior shades require manual operation to achieve the desired effect. HeatBlocker skylight screens do not require any adjustment, and there is no interior shade system cluttering the appearance of your home.
  • HeatBlocker skylight screens are easy to install by simply stretching the built-in bungee cord around the skylight frame.

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