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Barrel Vaulted Skylight Covers and Shades with Flat Ends

Rectangular Dome Skylights

Standard Size HeatBlocker Skylight Covers


Standard size skylight shades are for selected dome shaped skylights only.
Flat glass and all other skylights require a custom size

Color Choices

Brown Grey

Custom HeatBlocker Skylight Covers

measurements to the nearest decimal 0.25 inch


Enter A, B and C values from the Measurement Example below

Color Choices

Brown Grey


Identifying Rectangular Dome Skylight Covers

Rectangular Dome skylights can benefit from reduced heat and glare by installing HeatBlocker skylight screens. Our standard product is available for selected skylight sizes only. For all others sizes, a custom product is required.

Measure Rectangular Dome Skylights

Measure Length (A) and Width (B) in inches over center of lens to top outside edges of skylight metal frame. Measure the Vertical Depth or Lip (C). Always measure to the nearest 1/4 inch.

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