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Ordering YOUR SKYLIGHT Cover

ORDERING INFORMATION - Scroll Down For Custom Sizes

Our skylight covers come in standard and custom sizes. Standard sizes fit only selected sizes in the rectangular dome or square dome shapes (see below). If you have a dome type skylight different from the table below, you will require a custom size.

Standard Size HeatBlocker Pricing (See Custom Sizes Below)

The following table is only for selected standard rectangular and square dome type skylights. All flat and other skylight shapes require custom sizes.

This table contains measurement guidelines to ensure that standard pre-packaged skylight shades will fit your standard dome skylight. See Graphics below for A, B, & C measurements.

Standard Product Product Fit Range for Your Skylight
(measure over the dome in inches)
Lip Dimension
Size Measurement A Measurement B Measurement C 80% 90%
2 X 2 27" thru 30" 27" thru 30" 1½" thru 2½" $42.00 $46.00
2 X 3 37½" thru 40½" 27" thru 30" 1½" thru 2½" $49.00 $54.00
2 X 4 51½" thru 54½" 28½" thru 31½" 1½" thru 2½" $64.00 $71.00
3 X 3 41" thru 44" 41" thru 44" 1½" thru 2½" $67.00 $74.00
4 X 4 51½" thru 54½" 51½" thru 54½" 1½" thru 2½" $93.00 $103.00
Standard Size HeatBlocker Skylight Covers


Standard size skylight shades are for selected dome shaped skylights only.
Flat glass and all other skylights require a custom size

Color Choices

Brown Grey

Rectangular Dome
Square Dome

Custom Size HeatBlocker (Pricing Calculator)

To calculate prices for custom size skylight shades, select your skylight type using the drop down menu below. And then enter your A, B and C measurements in inches (not feet) from the Measuring section into the calculator. Select either 80% or 90% solar blocking percentage and calculate the price. You will still get a lot of light even with the blocking percentage.

Custom HeatBlocker Skylight Covers

(measurements in inches to the nearest 0.25 inch)

Pricing Calculator


Enter A, B and C values in inches using the diagram above for measuring.

Color Choices

Brown Grey


Rectangular Dome
Square Dome
Flat Glass
Barrel Vaulted
Multiple Dome
Continuous Ridge
Cluster Dome
Vaulted Trapezoid
Barrel Vault Flat
Round Dome

Shipping Considerations

All orders are shipped UPS Ground. Ship intervals for custom products take up to 10 business days and for standard products up to 5 business days. Please be patient while waiting for your skylight shades to arrive as delivery times vary.

You will be notified by UPS through your email address when your product is shipped and when to expect delivery. Post Office Box addresses are not acceptable for shipping info.

Helpful Notes

  • HeatBlocker skylight covers are available in both standard and custom sizes.
  • Standard skylight covers fit conventional rectangular or square dome type skylights in 2' x 2', 2' x 3',
    2' x 4', 3' x 3' and 4' x 4' sizes. All other sizes are considered custom.
  • HeatBlocker comes in two colors, dark brown and light gray.
  • Available in 80% and 90% material - For dome shape skylights, the 80% shade material conforms to the curvature of the dome shape somewhat better than the 90% material. The appearance of the heavier, stiffer 90% material might not appear as snug and conforming for dome shape skylights. We recommend the 80% material for domes if appearance is a significant consideration. Flat skylights are not affected.

Shipping Charges shown are for deliveries within the Continental U.S.

Total Order Price
$0 - $49.99 $ 9.95
$50 - $199.99 $ 14.95
$200 - $299.99 $ 16.95
$300 and over $ 18.95

Return Policy

A 10% restocking charge will apply to returned standard skylight covers. If we shipped the incorrect size or color, exchanges are permissible to correct the error. All standard size products must be returned within 30 days in new condition to exchange or to receive return credit. For custom made products, returns are not permissible.

I just wanted to thank you for the skylight cover. It works great. Thanks for the prompt service too. I have already recommended you to my friend. D.B. Upland, CA

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