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PRODUCT INFO - 80% VS 90% Material

Some Differences in Performances

The 80% material does a great job rejecting Heat and Glare, but the 90% is recommended for situations where maximum rejection of Heat and Glare is wanted. The amount of light received is about the same for both the 80% & 90%, and the ability to see outside is preserved for both weave densities.


Interior Lighting Considerations

The 90% material blocks somewhat more solar Heat and Light than the 80%, and because of the tighter weave, it blocks slightly more light. If your skylight is the only source of natural light in a particular area, for example, a bathroom without windows or an interior room, the 80% material might be a consideration. If the room receives natural light from windows or other means, the 90% choice might be desirable.


Outside Appearance for Dome or Curve Shaped Skylights

Because the 90% material is heavier and more rigid, it does not conform to the curvature of dome shaped lens quite as well as the 80%. Pleating in the diagonal corners is slightly more pronounced for the 90% material, but this is not an issue for skylights that have flat surfaces.











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